5 reasons not to miss Pension Awareness 2023

Pension Awareness is back. Bigger than ever. Better than before - here's 5 reasons to get involved.

Pension Awareness is back. Bigger than ever. Better than before. And it’s been a decade of difference. 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of Pension Awareness, and this year’s iteration runs from the 11th-15th September.

This year is a must watch, but if you do need any further persuasion, here’s 5 reasons not to miss out on the Pension Awareness live event this year.

1. You want to look after your financial future.

Pension Awareness 2023 will host an entire week of live online expert shows about pensions and money. We’ll be covering everything from combining pots, the State Pension, withdrawing your money, tax or budgeting…you name it, Pension Awareness has got it. There are few better ways of looking after your financial future than with focused 45-minute sessions where you can chat to other savers and feel like you’re getting to grips with your future like never before.

2. You can ask pension experts about your own situation.

Pension Awareness 2023 is armed to the teeth with pension experts. Just last year, ex-pensions minister Sir Steve Webb took over a 45-minute-long session about the State Pension, taking questions from the audience. And that’s another reason to jump in to Pension Awareness 2023: you can ask your own questions to industry experts. Whether you’ve lost an old pot and don’t know where to begin looking, or you want to know how tax and pensions work, you can access expert guidance through the online question function in every show. There’s nothing better than getting free, expert guidance - presented in the most jargon-free way possible.

You can even book 1-to-1 sessions with MoneyHelper, a free, government-backed guidance service, and one of Pension Awareness’ partners.

3. Free access to intuitive explainer articles and videos to get your pension in shape.

There’s more to Pension Awareness than online shows. Take the hub of useful reading material, for instance. It covers topics ranging from climate-conscious investing to a guide on how much pension you may need. Or, if that doesn’t cut it, there’s the library of videos supplied by the campaign’s supporters. Pension Awareness is the one-stop shop for resources, information, and explanations to top up your pension knowledge.

4. Pension Awareness sticks jargon down the drain.

For years, complicated jargon has been like the person no-one invited to the party but came along anyway. At Pension Awareness 2023, there’s less “uncrystallised funds pension lump sum” and more stripped-down, uncomplicated, lucid lingo. Pension Awareness pride themselves on being as accessible as possible, so that there’s nothing blocking you from planning your ideal retirement.

5. 10 years of Pension Awareness means that this is the biggest event to date.

Since it began, Pension Awareness has grown and grown and grown. From humble beginnings and double-decker tours - Pension Awareness turns 10 this year. And that just means more. More experts, more knowledge, more fun, and more you.

Pension Awareness is on track to reach more people than ever before - so make sure you take the opportunity to get in control of your money. Tune in from the 11th-15th September and unleash your inner Geek at Pension Awareness 2023. You’ll easily be able to book onto the live shows via this website from the end of July.

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