6.00pm - Ladies, it's time for women's pension power!

Join Deborah Joseph, Editor, Glamour, Daisy Lowe, model, women’s rights campaigner and public speaker, Helen Westwood, 2019 Moneywise Personal Finance Teacher of the Year and Ellie Levy, NOW: Pensions

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How much money do you have saved into your pension right now? If you're a woman, the likelihood is that it's just 1/3 that of your male counterpart. Just like the gender pay gap, the gender pensions gap has led to huge inequalities in the system, and yet, very little action has been taken to better educate women and girls in the UK about the imbalance and equip us with the tools to best manage it.

In light of all of this, what does the future of pensions look like for the next generation of women? How can we ensure our daughters, colleagues, co-workers, partners and co-creators don't face the same injustices when it comes to saving for the future?

As part of Pension Awareness Live, NOW: Pensions has joined forces with Kate Palmer - Sunday Times and a host of other brilliant women to explore how we can 'futureproof' the next generation of women's pensions in the workplace to create a fairer playing field for the future. Touching on everything from savings barriers to the need for better education, this session will explore what needs to change to address the gender pensions gap. Our speakers will look to address all the challenges that lay ahead in paving the way for pensions equality for the future and discuss how we can action real change.

Deborah Joseph, Editor, Glamour

Deborah is an award-winning editor, with over 20 years’ experience in digital and print publishing. She has spent the last two years editing UK Glamour and directing its content transition from a print to a digital-first, 360 brand for a Millennial and Gen-Z, beauty-loving audience. Prior to this, she spent 6 years working on a broad range of digital projects helping tech start-ups and established brands develop and implement their content, social and influencer strategies.

Daisy Lowe, model, women’s rights campaigner and public speaker

Model Daisy Lowe has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a woman in fashion and has defied the ‘one size fits all’ stereotype with a commitment to body positivity and a healthy lifestyle. In a career spanning over 16 years, she has starred in major campaigns for designers including Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs and has been shot by some of the most notable names in fashion, such as Steven Miesel, Greg Williams and Steven Klein. Editorially, Daisy has international appeal, appearing in magazines such as British Vogue, W, Vogue Italia, on the covers of Dazed, i-D, Esquire, and many other fashion bibles - plus was featured in the infamous Pirelli calendar.

A published author, Daisy’s 2014 book 'Sweetness & Light' is a collection of recipes for 60 healthy sweet and stylish treats. In 2016 she swapped the catwalk for the dancefloor as she joined series 14 of BBCs Strictly Come Dancing. Daisy also hosts her own podcast ‘Femme’ where she has intimate, honest chats about the highs and lows of being female - inviting celebrity friends and personal heroes to talk about fashion, family, news and nonsense, culture and curves". Recently Daisy has worked with lifestyle and food brand Leon on a series on suitability, an issue close to Daisy’s heart. Daisy is also a keen activist on environmental issues, having worked with Extinction Rebellion and Cool Earth for a number of years

Helen Westwood, 2019 Moneywise Personal Finance Teacher of the Year

Helen Westwood has been teaching children how to manage their finances since 2004 and was named "the standout winner" of Moneywise 2019 Personal Finance Teacher of the Year (Secondary) Award.

After starting off her career at PwC, Helen has been working as Head of Financial Studies at Caroline Chisholm School since September 2007. Helen believes that an informed understanding of financial matters is the foundation to a happy and successful future – regardless of the size of an individual’s income.

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