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Ode to Pensions

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3 September 2021

An Ode to Pensions By Pension Geeks

All my life I lived for the day,
Never a limit to what I would pay.
The latest phone, a high-tech TV,
Nothing was ever too much for me.
Cool fashion, a holiday abroad,
Whatever I wanted; I would lavishly afford.

A fancy motor, top of the range,
Anything less would label me ‘strange’.
But time goes by so very fast,
I must find my feet,
The phone, the TV, the car, all obsolete.

Faded fashion left hanging in the past,
So foolish to think those trends would last.
Now travelling is tiring, sunbathing a bore,
Time to change, retirement – working no more.
But everything costs oh so much today.
Now I’m older, much wiser, hair turned grey.

The State Pension stretches the budget so far,
How I wish I had filled the money box jar.
If only I had grasped the gravity of the situation,
With the cost of living, tax and inflation.

I should have moderated being the flamboyant jetsetter.
And instead opted to be the prudent go-getter.
My life would be so easy and relaxed,
but there are no savings, no pension, credit cards all maxed.

Invest for the future, the experts declared,
I really should have listened to the advice they shared.

By Stuart Parkinson - Pension Geeks

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